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The Importance of Aftercare

The Importance of Aftercare

Aftercare...it's important, but just how important is it really?  When I was a funeral director, I saw how varying the aftercare programs in the profession are! Some funeral homes follow up regularly; others follow up only to let the families know when the death certificates arrive. Some put their preneed team in charge of follow up; others ta...

The Power of Aftercare

The Power of Aftercare in Death Care

What is Aftercare and why is it a powerful business building tool?  The Death Care industry as a whole has three key components:  Pre-need prepares for at-need, which facilitates aftercare, which feeds pre-need. To break the flow with a weak or absent plan for aftercare can cost valuable sales. It disconnects the relationship you have alr...

Looking to 2021

Shifting the Status Quo: Disruption Leads to Opportunities in Industry

The only thing good about 2020 is it's coming to an end. Right? Actually, taken in perspective, it could also be considered the year of opportunities. This year, the death care industry was completely consumed with navigating the new normal brought on by the pandemic. In addition to dealing with caring for the dead, there were new protocols to lear...


Busting Myths About Technology

Unhealthy Fears About Death and Technology The funeral home industry is no stranger to myths and rumors that perpetuate our collective fear of the unknown. Often the death care industry falls prey to superstitious beliefs or campy depictions that just aren't true.  Those of us working in the funeral and cemetery business take these presumption...

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