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Boosting Customer Engagement - how Marketing Automation can help cemeteries & funeral homes


Marketing Automation for the Death Care Industry

At its early inception cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes faced a lot of opposition. It was an industry that grew fast and met the needs of the grieving. However, despite the many challenges the industry faced, it continued unruffled seeming to adapt to the ever-changing times. However, now most experts expect the industry to be a dying business. In other words, the industry is termed to be on its last legs.

Why so? The advent of the internet and advanced technologies have changed a lot. They have especially led to the evolution of culture and customs around death. What is more, customer expectations have also changed: now customers expect a much different form of service delivery.

Cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes are facing a change in the attitude to death and the traditions around it; families may not want to have a face to face engagement whilst planning and preparing for a funeral rather deciding to make their decisions online. More funerals are being broadcast so families and friends who are remote can participate in the service – traditional services no longer meet all customer'sneeds. The expectation for their engagement during this process and the end results are rapidly having to be adjusted to meet these changes.

Most cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes have opted to adapt by simply incorporating these modern technologies and innovations. Now they have websites and other social media platforms allowing them to communicate with their customers effectively. Without this change many funeral homes in particular have been forced to close in recent years.

There are a few challenges with this, however. Due to the numerous social media sites used, it can be easy to lose track of certain customers. Or worse, miss their efforts in trying to reach out or communicate. This is where Marketing Automation comes in – it allows powerful marketing without necessarily having a Marketing Team.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation can best be defined as software and strategies aimed to foster leads by engaging them with personalised content. The content meets any type of customer need and personality and adds value to the reader.This software aims to capture a potential lead and convert them into loyal customers with limited effort or intervention required.

In other words, the software capabilities contribute to an increased rate of customer engagement. And customer engagement equals an increased revenue putting your business ahead of the competition. Now, let us look at how this software can increase customer engagement for cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes.

Capture Leads

As previously mentioned, owning a number of social media platforms is great. What is even better, is using them to engage both your usual and potential customers. The downside to this is that it can strenuous. Moreover, you can miss potential customers and opportunities.Marketing Automation helps you avoid this. The system can automatically capture whichever lead visits your website or tries to reach out and then alert you. Hence, you will not miss out on any potential customers.

Faster and More Effective Response

If there is anything that turns off a customer, it is waiting too long. Especially in the current world we live in. Customer expectations have changed; they expect faster and prompt efficient services. Business should always keep this in mind. View this as your first impression to your potential customer. Marketing Automation helps reduce the response time to a customer significantly.

The tools that come with the software allow the person in charge to be notified instantly. This happens as soon as the prospect makes an inquiry or fills a web form. Hence, they are able to maximise customer satisfaction in what is often a very stressful time for families and loved ones.

Drip Marketing Capabilities

This feature comes with the Marketing Automation software. Drip marketing allows you to keep an interested yet hesitant potential customer engaged.Keeping them engaged means nurturing them via emailand providinginformative and helpful information.

Drip campaigns are structured according to the lead's behaviour in order to meet their needs. This also allows the message to be personalised. These campaigns are long running and are seeking to identify leads so when the need arises they know who to contact, even though at the time of original contact they may not have had a direct need.

Learning and Working with Customer Behaviour

Marketing Automation allows you to track and learn the behaviour of potential customers. This will enable you to know exactly what your customer needs or what they aresearching for. That way, when you reach out you offer exactly what they were looking for. This is a great plus in making a lasting impression on the customer and exceeding expectation.

The Power of Regular Communication

So, you've increased your customer engagement and numbers with the use of Marketing Automation – now you need to maintain your customers. The fact remains there are competing forces out there; many cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes are expanding the areas they target to increase their customer base. You need to maintain your customers and keep them happy; you can do this with regular emails with highly personalised content.

Constantly communicate with customers and give them advice and great offers – add value to them. This will not only make them satisfied customers, but loyal ones as well. Such strategies and approaches will only work to encourage them to purchase more from your business and keep you in the forefront of their mind.

In conclusion

Technology has changed how most businesses run. They are much faster, and effective. Customers can now purchase a goods or services online with the click of a button. The death care industry is now jumping on the bandwagon with social media and websites allowing industry to remain viable, visible and relevant for all generations.

However, how can the industry grow customer engagement? Well, Marketing Automation is the best bet for certain success. It allows you to learn customer behaviour, capture leads and nurture them into loyal customers all with minimum effort from your business. Are you finding it difficult to keep track of all your customer inquiries? Then the Marketing Automation software is just what you need. 

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