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How Technology helps the cemetery and crematoria industry navigate change

In our previous blog we talked about why the cemetery and crematoria industry needs to change to embrace the changing face of the customer and the digital world. In this "part 2" we will explore how this can be done by understanding what pieces of the puzzle need to be considered and which technology components provide the solutions.  The abov...


Sales Enablement: The One Step to Success for Cemeteries and Crematoriums

Adopting sales enablement tools is one of the ways cemetery businesses have stepped up to stay viable and compete more successfully for the digital future. A 2018 study by Bridge Group revealed that sales productivity ranks as the number one challenge for businesses. According to the poll, sales reps spend a shocking 64 percent of their time on non...


How Marketing Automation Helps Cemeteries and Funeral Homes Boost Customer Engagement

Marketing Automation for the Death Care Industry ​Since their early inception, cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes continued unruffled seeming to adapt to the ever-changing times. However, most experts and insiders have now recognized that there is still more to be done if the industry is to thrive in the digital age.  Why so? The adven...


Why Cemeteries and Crematoriums Need to Think of the Millennials

Every aspect of life, be it business or otherwise, is right at the center of technology if not part of it. We are currently living in the digital age, where factors of society are directly affected and influenced by technology. This also includes the death care industry - specifically, cemeteries, crematoriums, funeral homes, memorial gardens and s...


How Cemeteries can compete with Big Business

Like many other industries, major players control huge parts of the cemetery, crematorium and funeral home industry. Many small businesses wonder how they can compete with the dominant businesses.  The good news is that small or independent businesses actually have several advantages over big, nationwide companies. If you want to survive and t...

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Guest — Alastair Crombie
I am inclined to agree with pretty much everything in that blog...relationships not transactions, absolutely.
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 13:12

3 Ways Tourism is Reshaping the Death Care Industry

The last decade has seen a boom in cemetery tourism, sometimes called "tombstone tourism". With the rising interest in genealogy, more people are hunting out cemeteries to find their ancestors, reflect on their lives (or the lives of their favorite buried celebrities), and discover exquisite surroundings. After all, each grave site is an example se...

Does marketing automation help your business

Does marketing automation help your business

You have probably heard about how marketing automation is changing business but you are not sure if your business can benefit. You may not have a dedicated marketing team or even a full-time resource so you want to be sure before you invest in another system, that it will benefit your company. A report into marketing automation in 2016 found t...

Using CRM to improve the business and retain customers

Using CRM to improve the business and retain customers

​A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a game changer for businesses as it allows a total business overview of resources, data and customers. It enhances productivity as data is centralised so there are no individual silos and it can be accessed by the entire team. Managers can also report across their team/s and review activity a...


So how important is business intelligence to your business

Can your company ignore Business Intelligence's massive growth? Business Intelligence seems to be the current big catch phrase for how companies should be managing their data and the term has saturated the internet in recent years – but what does it mean for your business? Basically, Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven way to analyse ...

Turn Strangers Into Customers

Today's buyers are more empowered than ever before. They engage with brands and companies through their own research - online, on review sites, on social media - long before marketing or sales has the opportunity to engage with them directly. In this webinar we will show you how you can use Sage CRM and Autopilot to find strangers and turn them int...


YES … The burials industry is being affected by the digital world

​Today, every industry and organization exists in an ever more demanding digital world and is being pushed to a place where technology is playing an increasing role in the daily life of the organization and its staff. Let's take a look at a few ways in which cemeteries and memorial gardens can use technology to deliver a better service, improve ope...

Top 5 Tips for Successful Marketing Automation

On average, 49% of companies (B2B and B2C combined) are currently using Marketing Automation. With more than half of B2B companies (55%) adopting the technology. – Emailmonday "The Ultimate Marketing Automation stats". (2016) It's not just the millennials and Gen-Y who have new consumer behaviour; maybe they have driven the change, but most consume...

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Guest — Louise
Great article! We're also considering using marketing automation next year. We're currently trying to compare some tools, like Ma... Read More
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 21:16

Managing your BI data to ensure accuracy

For many companies, making better use of data will be how they differentiate their services in the future. For retailers, this could be based on smarter algorithms for product recommendations; for manufacturers and logistics companies, it could be more effective supply chains that deliver better results for customers. However, giving people across ...

A simple matter of elegant customer experience

We can all picture a swan gliding calmly over still waters. As business people, most of us can't help thinking of those two legs beneath, paddling tirelessly, navigating currents, rocks, weeds and the odd pinching crab. In the business world, you need to paddle hard to be a swan these days. Consumers' expectations of always-on, mobile-friendly digi...

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