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Michelle Bakhsh

Put a Face to the Name: Meet Michelle Imam Bakhsh

Michelle Imam Bakhsh  Regional Sales Associate, North West, USA Tell us about your death care profession journey and what led you to join OpusXenta?  My journey in the profession started right after High School – I wasn't certain which direction I wanted to go with my studies. A local funeral director allowed me to job shadow him, and aft...

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne Survey: COVID-19 Challenges to the Death Care Sector

We recently held a webinar with Samuel Holleran and Fraser Allison, who are both involved in multiple research projects focusing on Death Care and community relationships with death at the University of Melbourne. This webinar, along with several other webinars OpusXenta have recently hosted, can be found here if you are interested in listening to ...

Tony Lorge

5 Questions with... Tony Lorge

Tony Lorge OpusXenta CEO 1. How did you start providing solutions for the death care industry?  It all really came about by chance. I have been involved in providing business software solutions for many years across many sectors across the globe, and out of the blue, we got a call from a cemetery in Melbourne, Australia, seeking help with thei...

The Power of Aftercare

The Power of Aftercare in Death Care

What is Aftercare and why is it a powerful business building tool?  The Death Care industry as a whole has three key components:  Pre-need prepares for at-need, which facilitates aftercare, which feeds pre-need. To break the flow with a weak or absent plan for aftercare can cost valuable sales. It disconnects the relationship you have alr...

'In Conversation With' Webinars

Our 'In Conversation With...' Series Continues into 2021

Have you attended any of our "In Conversation With…" webinars? If you haven't yet had the chance, we encourage you to keep an eye on our website's "Events" page as we have some intriguing topics and guests scheduled for the year ahead. Over the course of 2020, John Haley from OpusXenta had some fascinating conversations with a range of guests invol...

The Climate Crisis

The Climate Emergency: What Changes Can Crematoria, Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Make to Protect Our Environment?

It is impossible to put a price on the comfort which services like burials and cremations have brought to the bereaved in the last few hundred years. However, recently, we have become increasingly aware of the unintended consequences of some of these actions and the negative impacts that they are having on our environment. We will be discussing thi...

The Value of Embracing Change

The Value of Embracing Change

The Death Care sector is one of intrigue to those outside of its bubble. There are multiple skills required to 'make good' the experience of death for the bereaved. From bookkeeping to bereavement support, the community looks to Funeral Directors, Celebrants, Cemeteries, and Crematoriums, not to mention the florists and caterers, and video streamin...

The Importance of Aftercare

The Importance of Aftercare

Aftercare...it's important, but just how important is it really?  When I was a funeral director, I saw how varying the aftercare programs in the profession are! Some funeral homes follow up regularly; others follow up only to let the families know when the death certificates arrive. Some put their preneed team in charge of follow up; others ta...

Claire Shelvey

Put a Face to the Name: Meet Claire Shelvey

Claire Shelvey Global Head of Services and intracare How long have you worked in your role (in the software industry), and what do you enjoy most?  I moved into business systems consulting in 2007. I really enjoy the variety of the role and the opportunity to work with so many different people and businesses. It challenges me intellectually – ...

Who is Buried in Your Cemetery?

Who is Buried in Your Cemetery?

Most cemeteries, even small ones, have someone of interest buried on site. Maybe it's a local poet. Maybe it's a war hero. Maybe it's a famous celebrity. However, if no one knows that individual is buried in your cemetery, then you're less likely to receive visitors such as cemetery tourists, historians, or distant relatives. Cemetery mapping can c...

Looking to 2021

Shifting the Status Quo: Disruption Leads to Opportunities in Industry

The only thing good about 2020 is it's coming to an end. Right? Actually, taken in perspective, it could also be considered the year of opportunities. This year, the death care industry was completely consumed with navigating the new normal brought on by the pandemic. In addition to dealing with caring for the dead, there were new protocols to lear...

Before and After

Before and After: Using CRM Tools for Aftercare Services

"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel." Those words from the late great American poet Maya Angelou were likely not made in the context of customer service, but they hold true nonetheless. It's especially true in the funeral profession, where funeral directors have the opp...


Cemetery Maps for Walking Tours, Remembrance Events, and Cemetery Tourism

When we think of tourism, we think of crowded beaches, bustling cities, and stunning vistas; we do not always think of cemeteries. The concept of tourism centers on the element of fun. Cemeteries hold the complete opposite sentiment, and yet, cemetery tourism is on the rise. Because of this fact, cemeteries are seeking new ways to support their ope...

How Technology Can Enhance Celebrations of Life

Going Byond: How Technology Can Enhance Celebrations of Life

Moments that matter—weddings, births, anniversaries. We spend days, weeks, months planning for them to preserve the memories beyond the events themselves. But funerals—or celebrations of amazing lives lived—are often planned in a short transactional timeframe, fraught with emotional stress and fresh grief. Sometimes, due to the rush and immediacy o...

The Technology Equalizer

The 'Technology Equalizer': Pandemic Precipitates Cemetery’s Digital Transformation

If there is one catchphrase to encompass 2020, it's the "new normal." Most businesses have had to navigate unprecedented challenges in the face of a global pandemic. That includes cemeteries. While cemeteries can be excellent places for the public to socially distance safely, the challenges cemetery operators face are very real. Some cemeteries, pe...

Celebrations of Life

Celebrations of Life: 5 Tips for Delivering Flawless Events

There's big change brewing in the death care industry: families want to put the "fun" in funerals—many families are replacing traditional funerals with celebration-of-life memorial services. How can your funeral home deliver a flawless, memorable event, and why is that so important? This blog provides five tips to help make sure celebrations run sm...

Flying the Drone

Flying the Drone: New Technologies in Cemetery Mapping

Not very long ago, if you wanted to know where a particular person was buried, you had to look through paper records kept onsite at the cemetery. Hand-drawn maps were eventually replaced by searchable online maps, which were often updated and maintained by the public. These crowd-sourced maps were often incomplete or incorrect. However, with the av...

7 Ways Cemetery Mapping Provides Practical Functionality for Managing Your Site

7 Ways Cemetery Mapping Provides Practical Functionality for Managing Your Site

A cemetery mapping solution can help your business do better, but what else can you expect? How does this solution provide the practical functionality you need to manage your cemetery better? Here are 7 ways in which digital cemetery mapping provides practical functionality for managing your site:  1. GPS  Digital maps of your ground...

Press Release DMAG

OpusXenta Named as UK Crematoria Portal Provider in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Swindon UK ― November 3, 2020 OpusXenta, the developer of the death care profession's premier online marketplace, announced their byondcloud solution was launched as the platform for the United Kingdom's national cremation booking and availability management portal. In response to COVID-19, The Deceased Management Advisory Group (DMAG) recommended ...

Digital Cemetery Mapping: Best Practices in Serving the Post-Pandemic Customer

Digital Cemetery Mapping: Best Practices in Serving the Post-Pandemic Customer

As the ongoing global pandemic perpetuates a socially distanced "new normal," long-lasting changes in consumer preferences are emerging, including choices related to deathcare. Important activities that less than a year ago seemed firmly rooted in in-person interactions, such as car-buying, are now moving to the digital realm; as consumers become m...

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