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3 ways to increase cemetery and crematorium efficiency with Document Automation

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Is your cemetery or crematorium drowning in endless paperwork - what if you could streamline your business processes saving time, money and resources by using a Document Automation solution?

Document Automation is particularly well suited to businesses where the sales cycle includes comprehensive documentation. Where quotations, proposals and contracts are for the most part static but need to be personalised for each sale. Below are three ways that Document Automation can help your cemetery or crematorium.

Important Documents Right First Time, Every Time

In many cemeteries and crematoriums sales the cycle is very short and executing such documentation is time critical and comes with relevant compliance requirements. Grieving family and friends can find this process quite confronting and distressing meaning it is even more important than ever to ensure the documentation is correct first time, every time.

Document Automation allows your business to design the documents you need like contracts and proposals and to create rules that guide users through the editing process for these documents. Accuracy is enforced as any sections of the document that should not be changed are locked down and cannot be changed. In additional information like names / addresses can be merged from other sources so data is not being re-typed manually allowing for the possibility of errors.

Design and Formatting is Fixed

Using Document Automation your cemetery and crematorium documents are not only accurate, but your branding styles will also be enforced based on your customised document design. No more worrying about if the logo or images have moved, or their resolution changed, or general formatting and spacing issues. All saving you, your team and your business time that otherwise would have been spent double checking the documents are correct.

Transparent Measurable Process

An easy to use dashboard allows the process to be tracked so you know the status of each sale; which documents have been executed and returned, and those that are still outstanding. With all this information centralised you can quickly see how well your business process is working and identify any issues or trends impacting on efficiency.

In addition to the three ways identified in this blog there are many other ways Document Automation can help your business. It can integrate to your ERP or CRM solution allowing all documentation to be managed with these solutions. Document Automation can all allow for electronic signatures keeping all your documents digital rather than in hard copy and much more. An additional benefit is documents are stored automatically and can be retrieved as required. Have you considered a Document Automation solution for your business?

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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