The Millennial Effect

Recent changes brought about by social shifts are predominantly driven through the way in which the millennials or more broadly Gen X/Y/Z view and engage with the world around them. Cemeteries and funeral homes (and the broader death care industry) will be substantially impacted by these changes and so need to prepare their busi...
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Optimising Operations at Geelong Cemeteries Trust

Geelong Cemeteries Trust (GCT) operates over 20 cemeteries in and around Geelong. With so many sites spread over such a large area, GCT was looking to streamline their operations. The Changing Plot  Formed in 1985 with the amalgamation of four sites, GCT grew to ten sites in the early 2000s. Now in 2019, they manage 20 sites, taking on new loc...
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Keeping Local Stories Alive at Gordon Cemetery

As Australians, we're searching for both our individual and national identities. By looking into our past, we discover the characters our national stories are built on; finding out how they lived, and what they achieved. The local Gordon Cemetery is a great place to start your discovery. Beyond the Graveyard  Depending on your outlook, a buria...
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Educate Your Team and Improve Community and Social Engagement

Any business professional needs to maintain a reasonable level of education and training just to keep up with continually changing expectation and technology. Especially in the cemetery, crematoria and funeral director area as business is changing quickly, as are customer expectations, it is a whole new world out there. Add to that ever-changing co...
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7 Tips for keeping cemetery records

If you are a cemetery, crematorium, or funeral home, you need to keep records; not just financial and regulatory but also information on your customers, their families, and their relationships. Does your current cemetery records keeping solution suit your needs? Are you still sifting through paper files to find records? The below tips will help you...
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5 Cemetery Mapping Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Cemetery mapping is essential; for visitors, it allows easy access to the graves or memorials they are seeking, and for the cemetery or crematory it provides a clear list of their inventory (used and available) and helps manage operations. However, mapping a graveyard or any site can come with some challenges; the complexity of these can ...
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Press Release - OpusXenta partners with the New Zealand Cemeteries and Crematoria Collective

Wellington, New Zealand – May 2019: "Recreation Aotearoa (representing the New Zealand Cemeteries and Crematoria Collective) has partnered with OpusXenta, the leading global provider of cemetery and crematoria management solutions, to further strengthen the capabilities of the Cemeteries and Crematoria industry in New Zealand. With a changing marke...
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Famous Australian’s and their final resting place, part II

This is our second blog looking at famous Australian and where they are buried. After the public mourning and responses to famous dying rarely do we think about what happened next, where are they buried, or were they cremated - do we even know? For some people their interest in cemeteries can see them visit many cemeteries, some famous and some not...
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How to increase memorialisation rates using technology

Memorialisation is being redefined – as the popularity of cremations continues to rise so do the options as to what can be done with the ash remains. The challenge that the cemetery faces is to ensure that the ashes are returned for memorialisation so that the cemetery can drive service and revenue opportunities. So what can your business do to inc...
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Interesting Christmas Traditions

We all have our special Christmas traditions to celebrate the holiday and spending time with our family and friends - but some countries seem to have very interesting traditions - terrifying even! FINLAND - VISIT A CEMETERY In Finland, the family is very likely to take a trip to a cemetery. The purpose is to light candles in remembrance of dec...
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How a Gardener's Register can Help with Cemetery Operations

Managing gardens and plants in cemeteries is a complex task often involving many different species and locations throughout the grounds. Keeping track of information about these plants, their location and maintenance schedule requires a huge effort. Imagine having a Gardener's Register to assist cemetery horticulturists and your gardening team main...
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Press Release - Leading the Way in Death Care Technology Solutions

November 2018 Local and international partners join Australian software company to accelerate international growth in providing technology solutions to the death care industry Sydney, Australia: OpusXenta, the leading cemetery and crematorium management software solutions provider to the Funeral and Death Care industry, announced the successful com...
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5 of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring cemeteries in the world

These magnificent graveyards, while associated with grief and sadness, impart a feeling of great hope. Cemeteries are often associated with grieving and sadness. But a visual tour of the world's most beautiful cemeteries shows that they can actually be awe-inspiring. From the tree-lined alleys of Paris Père Lachaise to the moss-covered graveyards o...
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How events can create a new revenue stream for cemeteries

Many cemeteries are facing reduced revenue due to the decreasing rates of burial in Australia and most other Western countries. Burials alone are often not providing enough revenue to maintain the cemetery grounds and infrastructure. But there are ways to diversify revenue streams by using cemeteries and their facilities for more than just funerals...
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Millennials are changing the death care future already

A recent article in America's Connecting Directors website identifies the rapid cultural change Millennials are making to the funeral and cemetery industry in a very short space of time. Justin Crowe's article 'In 17 Year, De-churching Millennials Will Rock the Funeral Industry…The Stats Are Shocking' looks at how few people identify themselves as ...
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12 hauntingly beautiful cemeteries from around the world

Cemeteries aren't usually top of the list when searching for things to see and do on your travels. While there can be something macabre about wandering through a graveyard, the world is home to some beautiful cemeteries where you'll find incredible architecture and picturesque landscapes. We take a look at 12 hauntingly beautiful cemeteries that ma...
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Cimetière Saint-Pierre France's third-largest necropolis offers a peaceful respite from a busy port city.

France's third-largest cemetery offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of Marseille. While strolling around the sprawling graveyard, it feels as though time has stopped and the noise and movement of the city have disappeared. Though the Cimetière Saint-Pierre (Saint Peter's Cemetery) is one of France's largest cemeteries, it certainly...
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Cemetery symbolism: what does an animal on a headstone signify?

In visiting a cemetery, you will see how different the headstones are in style and symbolism. Many headstones will have religious symbols like the angels, the cross and even roses. Previously we have looked at the symbolism for flowers and plants, and fruit and vegetables. In this blog we are looking at animals, real and mythical and...
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Victorian Cemetery Grants are closing soon

Is your cemetery struggling with declining revenue? If you are located in Victoria? You may be eligible for the Department of Health Cemetery Grant. Applications are offered twice a year with the next round of applications due 31 st October 2018. What you need to do: Review the grant information h ere . You will see the Department of Health identif...
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Headstone symbolism: what do plants, fruit and vegetables mean on headstones?

When visiting a cemetery, you will see the variety of gravestones with different styles and looks. Some emblems on the gravestones may be obvious like the cross, a dove or roses. But what does it mean when you see plants, fruit and vegetables on a gravestone? It turns out most symbols can have many meanings – and their representation can vary signi...
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